BOOM Physio

At Boom Physio our core focus is on improving your health and well-being with explosive results

Boom Physio aims to change the way you view Physiotherapy, by helping you unlock your true potential through individualised treatments and programs to
become pain-free, regain function and optimise your quality of life.

Regain Independence from Pain

Our ethos is that we provide a service tailored to the client’s goals. We strive to get you on the pathway to eliminating pain and discomfort through holistic assessment of physical, mental and emotional status. Treatment includes thorough education on your current condition, the use of stress-reducing manual techniques and the provision of fully supervised exercise programs. We don’t believe in quick appointments so all clients can expect longer sessions to feel heard and understood and to give us time to
thoroughly treat a wide variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries such as:

Optimise Function and Performance

Whether you are a high level athlete, Sunday stroller, gym junkie or just enjoy moving we can help you! We utilise strength and conditioning as one of many tools to help accelerate function or to improve performance across various domains. We can customise our rehab sessions to youth, elderly and everything in between to build a solid foundation and ongoing robustness to keep you pain-free.

Working inside a gym gives us full access to multiple modalities of exercise based rehab so that we can keep each session innovative and continue to progress as your condition improves. We also work alongside the Boom Fitness trainers to maximise your involvement in one-on-one personal training sessions or group classes so that you can maintain your health and fitness. Your coach will be kept up to date with your current rehab program and will be able to modify and adapt in sessions to suit your needs.

Maximise Quality of Life and Well-being

Whilst we emphasise strength and conditioning to aid in your rehabilitation, at Boom Physio we also ensure that focus is placed on your mental and emotional well-being to improve quality of life and keep you performing at your peak. Collaboratively with your Physiotherapist you can work towards a healthier lifestyle, built through increasing physical capacity, reducing stress, reviewing dietary intake and improving sleep quality. We strongly believe that clients should maintain regular contact with their Physiotherapist so that we can continue to have quality input into your wellness.

Boom Physio prides ourselves in taking and your journey and want you to feel apart of a community.